My sayings are expressions of my experience of the world as I see it, now.  Under WEDNESDAY’S WORDS, they are listed timely. In the column on the left, they are sorted by what they mean to me, under CATEGORIES.


1601 at home face cropWriting is part of my daily life, a source of fulfilment, upliftment and satisfaction.  I enjoy it, therefore I do it.  My writings are published on my other sites.  You find links in the left column under BLOGROLL.  Just click on one of them and magic will take you there, what else?


My wish for spreading joy is fulfilled when you find something, which resonates with you.   I would be grateful if you tell me what a saying means to you.  If you like a phrase enough to use it, it would be nice if you would quote me.

Most of all . . . enjoy


12 July 2016

heart chacra green blue purple orange low


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