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Impressions of India and Nepal

Travel stories, information and insights

In 1988 and 2000 I had spent extended work holidays in India and Nepal. During the second journey, I kept a travel diary. It took many years to have the stories transferred to the computer and even longer, before publishing them on a website.

The stories tell about local details of history and traditions, events and insights which came to me. For those, who engage with people and country on their travels, know what I talk about. Enjoy reading.


The Wondrous Adventures of an artistic Ingeneer

No worries, it is not as much about me but about my adventures working as ingeneer. You will find the reasons for my spelling on this website.  I have written about many ingeneering topics, which do not fit in any of my other blogs. You will find an explosion of articles popping up here, which I have been written over the years.

Kalsrua Gschwäzgebabble

Zur Erhaltung der Karlsruher Mundart… for the upholding and up-keeping of my home dialect

Something not for everyone. Still, over the years, I receive a constant rivulet of my locals, considering, there are only about 300,000 of us.

Oma sprichwörtlich… Oma proverbial

A collection of my Grandmothers Proverbs and others

My Grandmother was full of proverbs. As a boy I thought, all grown-ups would talk this way, but later, when I was in my early teens, I realised the special quality of this kind of talking.   Often I had planned writing down Oma’s proverbs. I started in July 2014.

Sapient Words

Moments, when my Mind sparkled

A collection of my saying, starting 1990, about 200. They reflect impressions about the way I experience the world, now, whenever now was. Then they are true for me. I may change my mind.  Quite possibly other people have had similar experiences and they have expressed them in a likewise way. It would not come as a surprise since we all belong to the same family.

Muses kiss me

Inspirational writings, stories, fairy tales, poetry and musings

Since 1987, I have written about 120 stories, essays and poems. The selection displayed here made my friends smile.  The same could happen to you, too. What’s it worth, a smile? How many minutes would you give for one?

Tickled Tango Tunes

FREE Tango Tunes, which I have gently dusted from the wear of time

In case you are a Tango dancer… often you may have searched for a particular piece of Tango music and once you found it there was no way of downloading it without revealing your Grandmother’s maiden name and her bank card number.  Come here and you can.


Amadeus W.


24 February 2017

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